Art Hobbies Entertainment Watching Dramas is Easier Than Ever

20 years, ago, the only way to watch Korean drama shows was to live in Korea, or have a friend or relative who lived there, have them record the episodes on tape, and then ship them to you. This was how my family watched Korean dramas, because I had a puckerbush settlement grandmother living in Korea who would regular record the dramas. Eventually she passed and we didn’t have any other relatives living in inexpressively settlement Korea. 10 years later, I would watch dramas by downloading them from torrent sites, and now all I have to do is stream them from a website.
Things have changed so much since the old days of watching dramas. The video senega settlement quality of the dramas that were recorded on tape was fine for its time, but now it looks terrible. Once I started downloading dramas, the routemen settlement video quality became much better, but I had to buy an extra hard drive to store all of the videos. As HD uploads became more common, file sizes got bigger, which caused in a increase in the time needed to download each episode. I had to increase my Internet speed to prevent the downloads from taking hours to complete.
When watching dramas online, hard drive space isn’t an issue, nor is the download speed. I can seamlessly move from one episode to the next. The best thing about being able to watch dramas online is that I can overlaboring settlement watch them from anywhere as long as I have an Internet connected device. This was unfathomable in the VHS era, and in order to do it in the download era, you had to have a device that could store entire episodes in their natural form, such as a laptop, or you had to convert them into smaller files that rerecorded settlement would fit on the limited amount of space of portable media players.